Best Bitcoin WordPress Plugins 2018 for your Cryptocurrency website

If you want to incorporate bitcoin, an increasingly popular digital currency, into your website, then you have to check out these WordPress plugins.  We’ve found plugins to help you accept bitcoin for tangible and digital goods, display a price ticker on your website, add a news feed with the latest information about this digital currency to your blog, receive bitcoin tips and donations, allow your site’s visitors to convert bitcoin into more than 20 currencies, and more.

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GoUrl Bitcoin Payment Gateway & Paid Downloads & Membership

gourl bitcoin wordpress plugin

This WordPress plugin allows you accept bitcoin payments for physical and digital products, memberships, and access to premium content using GoUrl.  In addition to bitcoin, this WordPress plugin offers support for other digital currencies, including, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Reddcoin, Vericoin, and more.

Woocommerce Bitcoin Payments

With an easy 5 minutes setup you’re ready to take your customer’s bitcoins in your own wallet.

Easily starts accept Bitcoin in Woocommerce
Easily starts accept Bitcoin in Woocommerce

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Virtual Coin Widgets – Cryptocurrencies Shortcodes WordPress Builder

Virtual Coin Widgets provides 10 widgets for your WordPress page, so you to can share with your visitors market information for 1000+ cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrencies Shortcodes WordPress Builder
Cryptocurrencies Shortcodes WordPress Builder

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Bitcoin Price Ticker: Bitcoin & Litecoin Price Widget

bitcoin price ticker bitcoin wordpress plugin

This free WordPress plugin allows you to easily display a bitcoin price ticker on your website or blog using a simple widget.  Bitcoin Price Ticker offers support for 4 different exchanges, and you can display a graph of prices for the last day, week, or month.

Cryptocurrency Charts for WordPress

Allows to easily embed fully customizable interactive cryptocurrency charts into a WordPress website. If you want to be able to show a range of different types of bitcoin data on your website using a widget or shortcodes, then you have to check out this WordPress plugin.  Cryptocurrency Charts Widget allows you to display charts of information like transactions, fees, trade volume, and destroyed bitcoins, and it comes with multiple predefined styles for you to choose from.

Cryptocurrency charts for WordPress site

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Kades Crypto Widgets

btc exchange widget bitcoin wordpress plugin

With this free WordPress plugin your site’s visitors can quickly convert bitcoin to over 20 currencies using a simple converter on your website.  BTC Exchange Widget uses current exchange rates to provide the latest transaction rates, and it provides support for USD, GBP, EUR, JPY, AUD, NZD, CAD, CNY, and more. It’s also has many widgets display Crypto ticker and price exchange.

BitMate Author Donations

bitmate bitcoin wordpress plugin

If you want your website’s visitors to be able to send bitcoin tips to specific authors, then you have to check out this free WordPress plugin.  BitMate Author Donations lets you use a shortcode to add bitcoin donation boxes to your blog posts or anywhere on your website, making it an easy way to generate additional income.

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